Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ron Paul 1st In Louisiana?

The Louisiana GOP has yet to finalize their caucus results. Ron Paul is in good position to be declared the winner in Louisiana.

Shedding Some Light on the Louisiana Caucuses?
Dee Ann Patterson
What is happening in Louisiana is a sad state of affairs that shows how desperately the electorate needs to get involved in their state political process. ...

Did Ron Paul Win The Louisiana Caucus?
Steve Watson
Libertarian commentators and Ron Paul supporters, as well as the campaign itself, are suggesting that the thorough botching of the election process during the Louisiana caucus last Tuesday may have robbed the Texas Congressman of his first victory in the race for the 2008 presidency.

The Ron Paul campaign issued a statement yesterday charging the Louisiana GOP with failure to properly determine voter eligibility, and calling on the LAGOP to count all the ballots submitted in the caucus:

“The failure of the Louisiana GOP to properly determine who was and wasn’t eligible to vote threw this entire process into disarray,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “The party needs to correct this mistake by counting all the votes immediately, and releasing the results.” ...