Friday, February 24, 2012

Constitutionally Illiterate Society

Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote an article about our illiterate society and how the illiteracy allows our elections and rights to be taken away.

Observation Number One: We Have A Constitutionally Illiterate Society
For the better part of the Twentieth Century, the Constitution was ignored and neglected. Pastors have never studied the Constitution. Businessmen have never studied it. High school teachers and college professors have never studied it. Policemen and sheriff deputies have never studied it. Even attorneys and judges haven’t studied the Constitution. Let’s be honest: we have a constitutionally illiterate society today. As a result of this constitutional ignorance, people (including Christians and “conservatives”) simply cannot fathom–much less appreciate–constitutional solutions to America’s political woes.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ron Paul Cured Richard Miller's Apathy

A Mormon who actively campaigned for Mitt Romney in 2008 has taken a look at his political beliefs, and found he was mistaken.  Read Richard Miller's reasons for supporting Ron Paul

Over the last 4 years, I studied a lot.
I read Ron Paul’s Revolution and End the Fed.
I re-read the Constitution for the first time in years.
I read George Washington’s farewell address.
I read Murray Rothbard, Peter Schiff, Ayn Rand, and Reason Magazine.
I listened to the CATO Daily Podcast.
I watched YouTube videos from Judge Napolitano, John Stossel, Tom Woods, and LearnLiberty.

Scales seemed to fall from my eyes. The principles I learned were coherent and satisfying. A bunch of topics “clicked” for me: macroeconomics, monetary policy, business cycles, political influence and lobbying, civil liberties, war, and foreign policy. Not that I know a lot, but these all make much more sense to me now.

I came to discover that liberty is a unifying principle. We can agree to live in a free society without having to agree on anything else. A free society is one that protects life, liberty, and property. The purpose of liberty is to allow us to develop “virtue and excellence”.

Read the entire essay here.