Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ron Paul's Presidential Pick

A New Alliance - By Dr. Ron Paul

The press conference at the National Press Club had a precise purpose. It was to expose, to as many people as possible, the gross deception of our presidential election process. It is controlled by the powerful elite to make sure that neither candidate of the two major parties will challenge the status quo. There is no real choice between the two major parties and their nominees, only the rhetoric varies. The amazingly long campaign is designed to make sure the real issues are ignored. The quotes I used at the press conference from insider Carroll Quigley and the League of Women voters strongly support this contention.

... I’m supporting Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate.

Ron Paul makes his presidential pick
By Drew Zahn

Representative Ron Paul of Texas, a former seeker of the Republican nomination for president, has endorsed Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin for president in 2008.

By Chuck Baldwin

Yesterday, September 22, Congressman Ron Paul publicly gave me his endorsement for the office of President of the United States.


As President, I would seek to overturn the 16th Amendment, eliminate the Internal Revenue Service, and disband the Federal Reserve. I would lead the charge to return America to sound money principles. I would seek to reduce federal spending to constitutional levels by eliminating those same federal departments that Newt Gingrich promised to eliminate in his Contract with America back in 1994 (and then failed to do). I would seek to eliminate the Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, etc. I would demand that Congress pass a balanced budget and that we stop deficit spending.

Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama will do any of the above. If he were President, Dr. Paul would do it, however, and so would I.

On The Financial Catastrophe

Ron Paul Weighs In On The Financial Catastrophe <<-- Click to listen to NPR interview

The conversation about the financial crisis, and the details about the proposed $700 billion bailout continues to stir strong opinions. Republican Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul opposes the bailout plan.

Chris Cox versus Alan Greenspan on derivatives

Listening to Chris Cox, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, giving evidence to Congress a few minutes ago, I was particularly struck by his assault on the lack of regulation of the over-the-counter derivatives market.

Mr Cox described the unregulated $58,000bn credit default swaps market as “ripe for fraud and manipulation”, saying that it was a forum for the shorting of corporate debt without the oversight imposed on cash markets.

It was, of course, Congress that chose in 2000 not to extend regulation to OTC derivatives markets, as I noted in my column on Saturday. One of the most influential proponents of not regulating OTC derivatives was Alan Greenspan, then chairman of the Federal Reserve.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Bailout Won't Be the Last

Ron Paul: This Bailout Won't Be the Last
by Luke Mullins

I recently chatted with Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) about the gigantic financial bailout that the government is preparing to undertake.

Some excerpts from the interview:

What's your take on this huge financial bailout?
It's more of the same. More debt and more inflation and more pressure on the dollar. Ultimately, although the markets are responding very favorably at the moment, I think it is going to be devastating to the dollar and to our financial situation in this country.

... If this process continues, we're going to own General Motors and Ford, then we will have to own the airlines. We are socializing our country without even a vote by the Congress. ...

Will this bailout stabilize the crisis?
I personally don't think so. It might be temporary, but no, there is much more involved. I mean, we are talking about trying to unwind trillions of dollars of derivatives . . . You have to get rid of all that stuff.

Will this bailout be the last?
No, no. This won't be the last one. There will be something else later on. But that doesn't mean you might not have a few months of a reprieve. But it will continue.

Ron Paul warns of fall of dollar

GOP congressman Ron Paul says the radical bailout of the troubled US financial market will only lead to the destruction of the dollar.

The Bush administration is asking Congress to authorize the government to buy $700 billion in troubled mortgages, a costly plan to bail out Wall Street's beleaguered financial institutions.

Congressman Paul does not approve of the plan and says it will fail to produce a practical outcome.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Economic And Market Manipulation

Ron Paul has been warning of the economic crises for several years. Ron Paul has also provided solutions for the problems.

Ron Paul on the Financial Crisis
Our problems start with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a monopoly and it controls interest rates artificially low, causing people to make mistakes. That’s the basic source. But then on top of that in the housing market we had the Community Reinvestment Act which told investors that they had to loan to risky borrowers, and that was the complication.

HUD contributes to this. FDIC contributes to this. It’s called moral hazard. Everything that we have done over here creates moral hazard.

Ron Paul, The Nostradamus Who Predicted the Current Financial Crisis
All of our candidates and Congress are pretending to scramble for answers and solutions. Yet, all one has to do is look back at the four-part plan which Ron Paul previously proposed; one which I believe most Middle Class Americans would fervently cry out for, if they were only simply told about it. The even better news is that it’s not rocket science. It’s a simple matter of instituting lower taxes, less spending, a sound monetary policy and regulatory reform.

Wondering What to Think About the Financial Meltdown? Here's What Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Others Are Saying
Written by Larry Greenley
Since I was wondering what to think about the serial financial crises of the past couple weeks, including federal government bailouts of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG, I did a little quick research and here's what I found.

The article has links to audio and video from the named people.

Monday, September 15, 2008

United Nations Funding

The United Nations favors abortion and gun control. Chuck Baldwin says in part, "All funding for the United Nations stops."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two-party system and democracy

Ron Paul discusses flaws in the two-party system, how the two-party system pretends to have debates while excluding other candidates, and how most voters don't vote for the winning presidential candidate.

Pretending that a true difference exists between the two major candidates is a charade of great proportion. ... The truth is that our two-party system offers no real choice.

Ron Paul Backs Third Party and Independent Candidates
Ron Paul organized a news conference today with Ralph Nader (Independent), Cynthia McKinney (Green Party) and Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party). ...

Chuck Baldwin saying in part, "We have two wings from the same bird of prey."

Friday, September 5, 2008

The John Birch Society at Ron Paul’s Rally

Several years ago I only knew about JBS by what I had read in the mainstream media. JBS is a group dedicated to small government. Everyone with JBS who I have spoken with has been low-key, pleasant, and knowledgeable.

The John Birch Society at Ron Paul’s Rally

The rally, which drew an estimated 12,000 people, was held not far from the Republican Convention in neighboring St. Paul.
But if Wolf found McManus’ appearance a bit odd, the crowd did not judging by their response to McManus’ speech (Part 1 here; Part 2 here), as well as to the hi-tech John Birch Society booth. McManus’ speech was repeatedly interrupted with applause, and the JBS booth was the most popular one at the rally, as evidenced by the large number of people who gathered around and visited it throughout the day.
Yet Ron Paul’s message in support of the Constitution, limited government at home, and minding our own business abroad is not odd at all.

What’s odd is the Republican Party’s treatment of his positions, and the major media's complicity, even as they defend or rationalize our country’s almost $10 trillion debt, endless war, lack of border enforcement, debasing the currency, and a host of other problems slowly ruining our nation.
“We’ll keep spreading the message of the John Birch Society contained in our motto, ‘Less government, more responsibility, and — with God’s help — a better world,” John F. McManus said in his speech.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rally Coverage From Russia

Russia Today coverage of the rally.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Speech at Campaign For Liberty Rally

Barry Goldwater Jr. and Ron Paul at Campaign For Liberty rally.

Media coverage of rally:
RNC Snorefest Drives Journalists to Join Ron Paul Rally
Ron Paul's Minions, 10,000 Strong, Rallied in Minneapolis' Target Center on Tuesday

Ron Paul Returns
MINNEAPOLIS -- As Republicans celebrated their first full convention night Tuesday, the Ron Paul Revolution received another breath of life in Minneapolis where thousands turned out for their own convention featuring the fourteen-term Texas Congressman so many Libertarians love and so many Republicans wish would just go away.

Converging on the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, Paul supporters turned out in droves to see their hero take the stage the same night as President Bush took the digital stage to address Republican convention via satellite from Washington.

Ron Paul slams GOP for avoiding what he calls important issues
By ALAN BERNSTEIN Copyright 2998 Houston Chronicle
MINNEAPOLIS — A few hours before his Campaign for Liberty rally got under way here today, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, or St. Paul to many of the 9,000-plus people at the gathering, bashed his Republican Party for what he said was avoidance of important issues such as deficit spending and civil liberties.

""If we are Republicans and we believe in limited government and personal liberty we ought to be talking about these things, and I don't think they are really too interested," he said of the national convention downriver in the Twin Cities.