Monday, July 6, 2009

The Truth About Foreign Affairs

As the following article states, Ron Paul has a consistent and truthful message that is built on the ideas of our Founding Fathers. The GOP's "war lust" will keep them marginalized, unless they begin to listen to Ron Paul and attend his luncheons.

Doc offers cure for GOP
Republicans need Ron Paul's honesty

Republican Congressman Ron Paul invited me to speak to his Liberty caucus luncheon in Washington last week on the intensifying wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Eight libertarian and independent-minded Republican congressmen attended in Paul's office on Capitol Hill. Paul sits on the powerful house foreign affairs committee.

Readers will recall that last year I called Paul, "the only candidate who is telling Americans the truth about foreign affairs." Like the cynic Diogenes seeking an honest man, I came to respect and admire Paul's courage, honesty and refusal to accept special interest money.

Paul had no need to wear an American flag on his lapel to prove his real patriotism and dedication to the U.S. constitution. Speaking of today's U.S. Congress, Paul observes: "Special interests have replaced the concern the founders had for the general welfare." ...

As I talked with Paul, it occurred to me that he and his fellow libertarians are the potent remedy that the dreadfully sick Republican Party so desperately needs. ...