Sunday, November 25, 2012

GOP's Hope

The articles about why the GOP lost have been published.  While Republicans mistakenly used 2010 voter demographics, Democrats turned out their 2008 voter base.  By nominating Romney, a liberal cultist elite bankster gun-grabber, there was no passionate base for Romney.  The lack of enthusiasm trickle down to state races.

I think the GOP won a consolation prize of staying in power.  The Democrats and Republicans again were able to keep voters away from third parties.  They stay in control of the game, and that is a win for the GOP.

If the GOP is to expand their base and win future elections, they should find candidates who don't repel the conservative base and who can attract young voters.  A person like Ron Paul is the model of a future winning GOP.

Article from the Washington Times:
Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s last best hope

I am amazed at the diversity of folks who come up and say how much they admire Ron Paul.
At rallies around the country, from the liberal bastion of Berkeley, Calif., where 8,000 students came to an event, to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, kids from all over the political spectrum came to listen to Ron Paul.

I am amazed at the diversity of folks who come up and say how much they admire Ron Paul.
At rallies around the country, from the liberal bastion of Berkeley, Calif., where 8,000 students came to an event, to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, kids from all over the political spectrum came to listen to Ron Paul.

Read more: PAUL: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s last best hope - Washington Times
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Farewell Speech

Ron Paul gave a nearly hour-long speech to Congress.  One media outlet likened his speech to George Washington's.

Ron Paul now leaves office having introduced more ideas into the national debate than any other figure in either party. Not that that was much of a challenge. Can anyone name a single idea introduced by either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? ... And on foreign policy, Ron Paul pretty much singlehandedly made it possible to talk about the rather obvious fact that we're going broke trying to be the policeman of the world - and that we're not very good at it. If only Romney had listened to him he might have made some headway on foreign policy.

Read the enter article and watch the video.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bernanke’s Nightmare

The bill for Ron Paul's long-standing effort for a full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve has passed the House of Representatives.  The banksters clearly do not want visibility of their books.  This issue will be raised at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

From Bloomberg:
... Republicans are considering including a plank in their party platform calling for a full audit of the central bank.  ... Paul, in an interview, warned that if Romney’s backers resist the effort, it could result in a politically distracting and messy fight in front of the national media. “It’s good economics and it’s good legislation, but it’s also good politics, because 80 percent of the American people agree with it,” Paul said. If Republican leaders “exclude it, I would think some of my supporters would be annoyed and feel strongly enough to take it to the floor under the rules.”

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House passes Bill to Audit the Fed

The private cartel Federal Reserve has a fake audit on part of their activities.  We need and deserve a full and complete audit of all activities, including their bailouts and swap lines to other countries.

Today the House of Representatives passed the bill.  Will the Senate stand up to the banksters and pass the bill?

Today's vote marks a high point for Paul, who is retires at the end of the year. His signature bill requires a full audit of the Federal Reserve – a move that critics, including Fed chair Ben Bernanke, dub 'nightmarish.'

Check how your Representative voted.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Central Bankers

Ron Paul wrote an article for the Financial Times that calls out the bankrupt central bankers.  Decades ago, Americans were afraid of the Soviets and their command-and-control centrally planned economies.  Along the way, we have given central bankers authority to centrally plan and manipulate monetary policy.  When did we stop believing in free markets?

Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt
By Ron Paul

Central bankers neglect the fact that interest rates are prices. Manipulating those prices through credit expansion or contraction has real and deleterious effects on the economy. Yet while socialism and centralised economic planning have largely been rejected by free-market economists, the myth persists that central banks are a necessary component of market economies.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Most Americans Agree

The Christian Science Monitor writes how most Americans agree with Ron Paul's foreign policy on Afghanistan.

Most Americans agree with him on Afghanistan pullout

It is the war that’s gone on for more than 10 years in Afghanistan – a war that is not going particularly well and that has seen a series of incidents where supposed Afghan allies have killed US service personnel – where the public’s agreement with Paul seems most evident.
“Support for the war in Afghanistan has dropped sharply among both Republicans and Democrats,” the New York Times reported this past week.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winning Ideas

Ron Paul has advocated for ideas that stand the test of time.  Ron Paul is consistent.  The mood of the country is changing, and people are tired of endless foreign intervention.  The Republican candidates are starting to take Ron Paul's talking points.

Ron Paul: "It's about time" GOP rivals are rethinking Afghanistan

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says recent shifts by some of his rivals on the war in Afghanistan a sign that he's "winning the fight" with his signature hands-off foreign policy. ...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Constitutionally Illiterate Society

Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote an article about our illiterate society and how the illiteracy allows our elections and rights to be taken away.

Observation Number One: We Have A Constitutionally Illiterate Society
For the better part of the Twentieth Century, the Constitution was ignored and neglected. Pastors have never studied the Constitution. Businessmen have never studied it. High school teachers and college professors have never studied it. Policemen and sheriff deputies have never studied it. Even attorneys and judges haven’t studied the Constitution. Let’s be honest: we have a constitutionally illiterate society today. As a result of this constitutional ignorance, people (including Christians and “conservatives”) simply cannot fathom–much less appreciate–constitutional solutions to America’s political woes.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ron Paul Cured Richard Miller's Apathy

A Mormon who actively campaigned for Mitt Romney in 2008 has taken a look at his political beliefs, and found he was mistaken.  Read Richard Miller's reasons for supporting Ron Paul

Over the last 4 years, I studied a lot.
I read Ron Paul’s Revolution and End the Fed.
I re-read the Constitution for the first time in years.
I read George Washington’s farewell address.
I read Murray Rothbard, Peter Schiff, Ayn Rand, and Reason Magazine.
I listened to the CATO Daily Podcast.
I watched YouTube videos from Judge Napolitano, John Stossel, Tom Woods, and LearnLiberty.

Scales seemed to fall from my eyes. The principles I learned were coherent and satisfying. A bunch of topics “clicked” for me: macroeconomics, monetary policy, business cycles, political influence and lobbying, civil liberties, war, and foreign policy. Not that I know a lot, but these all make much more sense to me now.

I came to discover that liberty is a unifying principle. We can agree to live in a free society without having to agree on anything else. A free society is one that protects life, liberty, and property. The purpose of liberty is to allow us to develop “virtue and excellence”.

Read the entire essay here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Jack Welch's Family Supports Ron Paul

The wife of Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, said "All four of our children are huge Ron Paul followers."

Jack Welch goes on to pledge, "I will support the Republican candidate against the current government under any circumstances."

When Jack Welch and his wife are no longer with us, their four children will be voting for liberty candidates like Ron Paul.

Monetary Policy

Mainstream news is catching on to Ron Paul's view of getting control of America's monetary policy.  The mood of the nation is changing, and some in the mainstream press are beginning to understand Ron Paul's concerns with the Federal Reserve.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has more than a few people talking about boring monetary policy at the Federal Reserve these days. ... The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by David Malpass on Thursday with Paul’s name in the headline, praising the Texas congressman for making Fed monetary policy a topic in the political campaign.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gun Ranking

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate ranking by Gun Owners of America:
Ron Paul A+
Rick Perry A
Rick Santorum B-
Newt Gingrich C
Mitt Romney D-

Another national gun-rights group, National Association for Gun Rights, has kind words for Ron Paul.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Hampshire Democrats

While the media was focused on the Republican primary in New Hampshire, the Democrats also had a primary.  While Ron Paul took 2nd in the Republican primary, he also took 2nd in the Democratic primary.

Democrats in New Hampshire went to the polls to write-in Ron Paul.  If the Republicans were in this to win, they would recognize Ron Paul is the candidate who can take the White House from Obama.

The popular former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, has some thoughts on the Republican primary:
Perhaps even more significant, every exit poll shows that Dr. Paul was the winner among young voters, independents and other “non-traditional” Republican primary voters. In other words, he did pretty darn well among those same demographic groups that elected Barack Obama.

What is "full disclosure"?

Ron Paul has advocated for a full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve (a private banking cartel authorized by Congress to set the price and availability of money).  Ron Paul's H.R. 459 is his latest attempt to allow the Government Accountability Office to do a full and complete audit.

In the spirit of fighting against transparency while pretending to be transparent, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York president, William C. Dudley, had a letter published in Wall Street Journal in which he blatantly lies:
The swaps, which have been used as a policy tool dating back to 1962, are fully disclosed to the public and their usage updated weekly on the Federal Reserve's website.
Full disclosure would include all of the details - which bank, what currenty, the date, the interest rate, and the term of the loan ("swap).
This is the website to which he refers. The website provides weekly summaries, not the details: "Operations during week ..."  This is not full disclosure.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Duplicating Work, Wasting Funds

Ron Paul has long argued that much of what the federal government does is not authorized by the constitution.  States have their own department of education to guide and regulate local school districts in each state.

Why do we spend $40 billion to fund a federal department of education?  Why not send that funding directly to the states?

War Propaganda vs. CIA Analyst Endorsement

War propaganda:
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Michael Scheuer, the CIA's former Middle East analyst, endorses Ron Paul:
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