Monday, December 28, 2009

Central Problem, Native Justice

This weekend, Barron's ran the articles Central Problem: the Central Bank and Native Americans Win Justice, at Last.

The central bank article (by guest authors) advocated the view of ending the Fed. Some quotes from the article:
How many more crises must we endure until we realize the common denominator is the creation of money and credit by the Fed?

The Federal Reserve must stop juicing the economy with massive amounts of newly created money and move to a monetary system free of government-caused booms and busts. The only effective way to do this would be to remove control of our money supply from politicians and their appointees. We need to move to a money that is 100% backed by a commodity, such as gold. Only then can we rid the economy of the devastating effects of the creation of money and credit out of thin air.

The Native American justice article described the decades-long effort of Native Americans to receive some of the mismanaged trust fund money from the federal government. Based on the article, the federal government acted despicably and with little accountability.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mandrake Mechanism

G. Edward Griffin's speech in Austin is covered by Rule of Law Radio. He describes topics including how money is created through the Mandrake Mechanism, regulatory capture, the milk cartel, and a chick joke.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mainstream Steam

As the following article describes, Ron Paul has been introducing legislation to reign in the Federal Reserve since the 1980s. Ron Paul's ideas are becoming mainstream because the people are catching up to what Ron Paul new three decades ago about the tyranny of the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul gains mainstream steam

Is libertarian rock star and Texas Republican Ron Paul going mainstream?

He’s got everyone from South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint to Minnesota moderate Democrat Collin Peterson to California liberal Barbara Boxer on his side in his audit-the-Fed crusade. He’s drawing liberal support in his push to rein in the cost of the war in Afghanistan. Senate candidates like Democratic Rep. Paul Hodes of New Hampshire are finding Dr. No’s populist economic anger to be useful in the campaign, echoing Paul’s criticism of the Federal Reserve.


“This brought people together [from] the whole political spectrum, from progressives and liberals and libertarians and conservatives. ... they all came together. That, to me, is what is really so important,” said Paul, who has been introducing his audit-the-Fed measure since the early ’80s.

After so many tries, this time Paul’s measure attracted 313 co-sponsors in the House, representing every possible point on the political spectrum.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Left & Right Criticize Fed and Treasury

The intent of Ron Paul's "audit the Fed" bill is back in force after a recent committee vote to add the measures to HR 3996. While HR 3996 is flawed in that it will give more power to the Fed, Ron Paul's additions will ensure a full audit.

Ron Paul wins a key battle in war to open Fed's books
November 19, 2009

Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who is perhaps the Federal Reserve’s most implacable enemy, scored a big win Thursday on Capitol Hill: The House Financial Services Committee approved adding to a financial-system reform bill Paul’s provision to begin federal reviews of the central bank’s operations, including its interest-rate decisions.

The vote on the audit provision amendment was 43-26.

Ron Paul has repeatedly said his ultimate goal is to end the Fed.

The Christian Science Monitor has an article about Paul and Grayson teaming up to move "Audit The Fed" forward. The article also singles out Tim Geithner of Treasury as a target for criticism.

America the jobless: Ron Paul wins, Timothy Geithner loses?
Frustration at how Washington has managed the 'jobless recovery' is turning some members of Capitol Hill against Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – and in favor of a controversial measure by Rep. Ron Paul.
By Mark Sappenfield

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner speaks during a press conference at the Justice Department in Washington, November 17.

America is angry about the economy, and the biggest winners could just be Congress’s odd couple: Reps. Ron Paul (R) of Texas and Alan Grayson (D) of Florida.

Mr. Paul, the far right former presidential candidate, and Mr. Grayson, the far left rabble-rouser who said the Republicans’ healthcare plan was for ill people to “die quickly,” are Congress’s two biggest critics of the Federal Reserve.

With the ongoing bailouts of failed bankers and disastrous monetary policy, the "IMF warns the bailout situation has become so dire that further bailouts will threaten democracy".
The IMF also says only half of bank losses have been acknowledged.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TSA Wakes Up

The TSA, also known as Thousands Standing Around, unlawfully detained, harassed, and threatened a Campaign For Liberty staffer. After filing a lawsuit against the TSA, the TSA agreed they only have authority to look for airplane safety items and agreed to limit their searches and seizures to safety items.

Airport rules changed after Ron Paul aide detained
By Stephen Dinan

An angry aide to Rep. Ron Paul, an iPhone and $4,700 in cash have forced the Transportation Security Administration to quietly issue two new rules telling its airport screeners they can only conduct searches related to airplane safety.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Health Care Reform

Allowing anyone to deduct all their medical costs (premiums, admission fees, medicine) would be a great step toward reforming health care.

Business deduct health care contributions made for their employees. Why can't people deduct health care costs like the big corporations?

Ron Paul has introduced a bill to allow people to deduct health care costs.

Paul's good health care idea won't ever survive

Ron Paul, the libertarian congressman from Texas, whom nobody ever confused with a me-too Republican, has proposed a health care reform that deserves the name "reform."

It's almost certain not to get anywhere, though. Which might be a mercy. Americans might risk broken arms reaching for it too fast.

It's this. Whatever a family has to pay for the doctor, the hospital, the pills or the shots, it could deduct on their federal tax return.

Get that? A 100 percent tax credit on health care costs. Socialized medicine turned inside out, you might say.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Official: Ron Paul Won Nevada

The Nevada GOP shut down their state convention when it became clear that Ron Paul supporters would be the majority of delegates to go to the national convention. The Nevada GOP failed to restart the convention, hand-picked political operatives thus dis-enfranchising Republicans, and was susequently scolded by the national GOP for their behavior.

Some uncounted ballots were found and have now been counted. The ballots covered three delegates that would go to the national convention, and the count has shown that all three delegates would have been Ron Paul supporters if the ballots had been counted.

The Nevada GOP did the wrong thing at the state convention, and they disenfranchised many Republicans.

Missing GOP ballots counted in Nev. after months
The Associated Press

Eighteen months later, Nevada Republicans have completed a count of all delegate ballots from last year's state convention.

A group of disaffected Republicans says it feels vindicated after a Friday night count of missing ballots from the April 2008 gathering showed three delegates for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul should have been sent to the national convention.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama's Children Don't Get Flu Shots

While speaking of the need for everyone to take flu shots and declaring a "national emergency", Obama's children haven't received the shots.

President Barack Obama has declared a national emergency in America as swine flu deaths reached 1,000.

If the shots aren't save enough for Obama's children, should anyone else take the shots?

Ron Paul (a medical doctor) speaks about flu shots and Obama's children not receiving the shots. He presents facts such as typically 800 people per week die from the flu and there is unwarranted excitement about 1000 claimed H1N1 deaths. He also states that government-funded shots leads us on the path toward socialized medicine.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Postpone Bernanke Confirmation

Ron Paul asked Chris Dodd and the Banking Committee to postpone approval of Ben Bernanke to chair the Federal Reserve until the Federal Reserve will open it's books.

The full letter is here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

End The Fed

Chapter two of Ron Paul's book End The Fed is available at

Most Americans haven't thought much about the strange entity that controls the nation's money. They simply accept it as though it has always been there, which is far from the case. Visitors to Washington can see the Fed's palatial headquarters in Washington, D.C., which opened its doors in 1937. Tourists observe its intimidating appearance and forbidding structure, the monetary parallel to the Supreme Court or the Capitol of the United States.


Continue reading here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

An Historic Hearing

Rep. Frank opens by saying Rep. Paul first introduced the bill in 1983.

Link to entire hearing on HR 1207.

HR 1207 has 275 co-sponsors.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Palin Takes On The Fed

Sarah Palin is publicly speaking about the evils of the Federal Reserve. Will others join her and Ron Paul in restoring sound money?

Palin, Sounding Like Ron Paul, Takes on the Fed
By Alex Frangos

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin fired a shot at the Federal Reserve in her coming-out speech in Hong Kong today, blaming the central bank for the current crisis and disagreeing with the idea that the Fed should have a greater role in preventing the next crisis. It was an echo of fellow Republican and Texas congressman Ron Paul, who has led the charge in Congress to perform an audit of the Federal Reserve with an eye to eventually eliminating it.


“The government ordered the loosening of lending standards. The Federal Reserve kept interest rates low. The government forced lending institutions to give loans to people who as I say, couldn’t afford them. Speculators spotted new investment vehicles, jumped on board and rating agencies underestimated risks. So many to be blamed on so many different levels, but the fact remains that these people were responding to a market solution created by government policies that ran contrary to common sense,” she said.


Free-Market Alternative To G-20

Joan Veon's comment about everyone being in debt to central bankers is accurate. We have mortgaged our economic future to a group of private bankers.

Conservatives chime in on global money ills in G-20 precursor
By Mike Wereschagin
Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"You don't have to be a socialist to be concerned about the G-20," said Thomas Woods, one of three speakers at Freedom Conference 2009, a conservative forum billed as a "free-market alternative to the G-20."

"The countries of the world owe the banks 67 percent of their GDP," said Joan Veon, founder of the Women's International Media Group and another speaker. "This is what we call world government."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Unusual Phenomenon

The politician who cannot tell a lie
By Daniel Hannan Politics

Ron Paul is an unusual phenomenon: a politician who always answers questions fully and honestly. This tendency often gets him into trouble: although people say they want straight-talking representatives, they often react with horror when they get one.

Dr Paul’s ruthless application of his convictions - minimal government, localism, personal freedom and adherence to the letter of the US Constitution - alienates many of the conservatives who might have been expected to back him.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Tea Party Coverage

Two million man march in Washington
by Robert Rule


An estimated 2 to 3 million people gathered on the Washington mall on Saturday, 9/12 to protest many things. A growing majority of people are very angry and very concerned about both parties in this country. Its true Fox news jumped on the bandwagon after Obama was elected and about one third of those people were there because of the 912 project put together by Glenn Beck but that isn’t what sparked Saturday’s event.

In 2007 a Republican Congressman from Texas named Ron Paul hit the scene. Through the internet his campaign took off and was largely ignored by the media including Fox news and Glenn Beck. When Ron Paul raised the most money from troops over seas than any other candidate republican or democrat and raised the most money in a single day on the internet the media had no choice but to cover him, then they tried to discredit him. ...

His message of limited Government, lower taxes, and free markets is what drew people to his campaign. Americans who believed in the message of freedom watched as Ron Paul was excluded from the Fox news debate and watched as every news outlet tried to make fun of the man. Jay Leno came to the rescue that time and asked Dr. Paul to be on his show to talk about it. Ron Paul was said to be the only guest to actually meet and greet people, ever.


Many are saying what you saw in Washington on Saturday is a new revolution. Let’s hope they make the right decision at election time instead of voting for the same old party hacks.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Florida GOP Implosion

The Florida GOP continues to exclude those who were energized the past couple years who also believe in Constituional principles. The Florida GOP prefers to stay in charge, even if that means shrinking and losing elections.

Republican party implosion deepens

A rift has been developing for some time between the state's Republican leadership and the more moderate/Libertarian members. On Friday, this rift finally tore with the dismissal of five party members who had requested an audit of the party's financial records and were members of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a group which seeks a return to Constitutional adherence.
Make no mistake, the paradigm has shifted, the question is whether or not the Republican Party can make the jump or will it be left behind?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Like-Minded Candidates

Some like-minded candidates are attracting attention around the country.

Adam Kokesh in New Mexico.
Rand Paul in Kentucky.
Peter Schiff in Connecticut.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Truth About Foreign Affairs

As the following article states, Ron Paul has a consistent and truthful message that is built on the ideas of our Founding Fathers. The GOP's "war lust" will keep them marginalized, unless they begin to listen to Ron Paul and attend his luncheons.

Doc offers cure for GOP
Republicans need Ron Paul's honesty

Republican Congressman Ron Paul invited me to speak to his Liberty caucus luncheon in Washington last week on the intensifying wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Eight libertarian and independent-minded Republican congressmen attended in Paul's office on Capitol Hill. Paul sits on the powerful house foreign affairs committee.

Readers will recall that last year I called Paul, "the only candidate who is telling Americans the truth about foreign affairs." Like the cynic Diogenes seeking an honest man, I came to respect and admire Paul's courage, honesty and refusal to accept special interest money.

Paul had no need to wear an American flag on his lapel to prove his real patriotism and dedication to the U.S. constitution. Speaking of today's U.S. Congress, Paul observes: "Special interests have replaced the concern the founders had for the general welfare." ...

As I talked with Paul, it occurred to me that he and his fellow libertarians are the potent remedy that the dreadfully sick Republican Party so desperately needs. ...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fed Up

Audit the Fed Bill Reaches Crucial Benchmark
Washington, D.C. - Congressman Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207, has reached and surpassed the level of 218 cosponsors in the House of Representatives, which means it is now cosponsored by a majority of the members. ...

Ron Paul in Forbes magazine:
Audit the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve's recent and unprecedented actions in the realm of monetary policy have provoked a backlash among the American people. Trillions of dollars worth of loans and guarantees have been provided to Wall Street firms, while Main Street Americans suffocate under harsh taxation, the prospect of higher debt levels and increasing inflation. ...

One of the fallacies of modern economics is the idea that a central bank is required in order to keep inflation low and promote economic growth. In reality, it is the central bank's monetary policy that causes inflation and depresses economic growth. Inflation is an increase in the supply of money, which in our day and age is directly caused or initiated by central banks.

While there currently is a limited audit capability, the important parts of the Fed are exempt from a real external audit. As this Bloomberg document attests, the Fed routinely ignores Congressional requests for information.

... The Fed “refused” to provide the documents, resulting in the subpoena, California Representative Darrell Issa, the panel’s senior Republican, said in an e-mailed statement today.

In an April letter to Kucinich, Bernanke said the Fed “acted with the highest integrity” during its discussions with Bank of America on Merrill Lynch and didn’t seek to withhold any information from the public on Merrill Lynch’s losses.

Bernanke said in the letter that information collected by the Fed up to that point consisted of “confidential supervisory information or confidential business information, both of which have traditionally been regarded as material that should not be made public, especially in the case of institutions that continue to operate. ...”

The Federal Reserve's balance sheet is so out of whack that the central bank would be shut down if subjected to a conventional audit, Jim Grant, editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, told CNBC. ...

World's Most Popular

The article states most members of Congress receive no attention outside the USA, while Ron Paul frequently does media interviews for foreign television.

... Paul, a Texas Republican, is the most popular member of Congress outside the United States, if foreign television appearances are any indication.

Paul expected his international influence to diminish after the quixotic presidential campaign. In fact, it's gone the other way.

"It's actually building," he told the Huffington Post. "It really truly baffles me. I see myself as somebody who's been saying the same thing for about 30 years and not too many people paying any attention."

How much international media does a typical member of Congress do? "Practically none," says a top House GOP communications aide. Foreign media appearances are so rare, he says, that the party doesn't track them. ...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sound On The Essentials

Short article describing beltway libertarians who aren't, and the real libertarians who are learning and improving every day.

But the bottom line is that most of the ever-growing number of people who are coming to libertarianism through the likes of Ron Paul and Tom Woods are sound on the essentials, including the fundamental issues of money, war, and the police state. They are embracing a real alternative to the status quo, not conservatism-lite or liberalism-lite, and for that reason they are liberty's only real hope.

Read the short article here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Audit The Fed

Forbes ran an article that was critical of HR 1207, the "audit the fed" bill. Ron Paul's response answers all of the questions the critics have posed. It is time to audit the fed.

From Ron Paul's response:
One of the fallacies of modern economics is the idea that a central bank is required in order to keep inflation low and promote economic growth. In reality, it is the central bank's monetary policy that causes inflation and depresses economic growth.

Read Ron Paul's entire response here Fed Up

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Flu Hoax

In 1976, Dr. Ron Paul and one other person (another medical doctor) voted against the swine flu vaccination program of that era. In total, one person died of that swine flu while 25 died from the vaccine and many more were permanently injured.

From 1976:
Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia, also a medical doctor, said: “I think the swine flu program is a tailor-made hoax that finds its roots in frightening the American people . . . I believe that a full investigation of those in charge should be launched . . . and if it turns out to be a dishonest promotion, everyone responsible should be removed from their jobs.”

On April 27, eight days ago, Dr. Ron Paul posted this video message describing the current swine flu hysteria and recommending that government stay out of they medical advisory business.

Ron Paul was right in 1976. Ron Paul is right in 2009.

Sudden Clout

Ron Paul's growing clout. The green shoots of Ron Paul's ideas are growing, while the old-guard Republicans pay consultants to develop a new brand.

Ron Paul’s Economic Theories Winning GOP Converts
Congressman's Clout Grows Within GOP Minority, Among Some Dems
By David Weigel

Few of them had a drawer stuffed with off-brand economic ideas and forgotten libertarian texts, ready to explain what needed to be done. Ron Paul did, and as a result the ideas that made the Republican establishment irate enough to bounce him from a few primary debates are more popular than ever.

“There’s a growing recognition that the GOP is intellectually bankrupt and morally bankrupt,” explained Bovard. “Most of these Republican ‘rebranding’ efforts amount to a group of overpaid consultants getting detached from reality, but I’m glad that Paul is putting together these meetings. I hope the battle of ideas is changing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Letters Of Marque And Reprisal

Ron Paul explains the American history of using letters of marque and reprisal.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Far More Credibility

This article summarizes how Ron Paul has been warning about failing monetary policy and a housing bubble for years. The article suggests that since Ron Paul was the only Congressperson with correct foresight on these issues that we now listen to him.

We Should Listen to Ron Paul
In movies like Independence Day, there's that one scientist who figures it out before everyone else. Everybody else gets it wrong, but he's the one guy that gets it right. Of course after events show that he was right, then everybody thinks, "gee, this guy saw the whole alien attack thing coming, maybe we should listen to him." They do and he saves the world from certain doom. Real life, however, doesn't work that way.

In 2002, Ron Paul was the only Congressman who saw the housing bubble and recession coming. He has for years talked about how our monetary policy was sowing the seeds for what has happened to our economy. Remember during the campaign how McCain proudly said that he was talking about the housing bubble back in 2006? Hardly something to brag about since the bubble was about to burst by then. ...

... At the very least his views should be heard more often in the media, and those in charge of our economy now should answer his questions. But for now what goes on inside the Federal Reserve is not subject to oversight by Congress, and often not even known. That's why we should support Ron Paul's bill HR 1207 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, which would do nothing more than allow the government to audit the Federal Reserve. The purpose in auditing the Fed would be to bring to light some of the despicable deeds that they do, with the hopes that the people of this country would be so outraged that they would demand the Fed be abolished.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Too Human To Be A Republican

Hughley seemed awstruck that a Republican is publicly saying the things Ron Paul is saying and has said for many many years, saying, “Ron, you are too human to be a Republican.”

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bloomberg Interview

The LA Times reviews a recent Bloomberg interview of Ron Paul.

Paul peddles: "We should be cutting spending. We should be trying to live within our means and not just try to spend our way out of a recession that was brought upon us by too much spending and too much borrowing and too much printing-press money."

Saturday, February 28, 2009

What The Audience Doesn't Do

The annual CPAC meeting was this week. Ron Paul did well in the informal straw poll, and even better in attracting people to his speech.

... what's striking is what the audience doesn't do. It doesn't boo when Paul attacks the war in Iraq and "policing the world". It doesn't move as Paul burrows into the theory of Austrian economics. The audience is steadfast, glued to the seats.

What's changed in two years? It's not only that Republicans have lost an election – it's that Republicans do not yet understand why they lost.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fiat Empire

Are you aware that the U.S. Constitution states that only Congress has the authority to create money; this money must be backed by gold and silver; and "bills of credit," also known as Federal Reserve Notes, are illegal under Article I?

The video, Fiat Empire, is available on google video or physical media may be ordered.

Monday, February 23, 2009

FDR Repealed Alcohol Prohibition

Prohibiting consenting adults from participating in activities has completely failed. Ron Paul said to Bill Maher, ""What about when FDR came to office in '33," asked Maher. "One of the first things he did was repeal prohibition. He said we can't afford this anymore. Well, we have prohibition in this country. ... When he was making radical changes he said look, we're serious now. We're going to make serious changes and people like liquor.""

Ron Pauls continues with, "I don't like pot," said the congressman. "But I hate the drug war, so I would repeal all of prohibition. But, I wouldn't even bother taxing it. People have the right in a free country to make important decisions on their own lives. If they want to make mistakes, they can. They just can't come crawling to the government to get bailed out or taken care of if they get sick."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There's A Bailout Coming, But It's Not For You

Neil Young performs Fork In The Road

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dr. Paul's Wall

Destruction of the currency can set up political chaos that enables fascism.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Who Wants A Pay Raise?

It is outrageous that politicians in Congress will give themselves a pay raise paid for with more of OUR MONEY.

Harry Mitchell, Ron Paul seek to block pay raise for Congress
Phoenix Business Journal - by Mike Sunnucks

U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell is a lead sponsor of federal legislation to block congressional pay raises in 2010. Mitchell and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul argue that Congress should not be getting automatic $4,700 pay raises while the U.S. economy is in recession and consumers and various industries are hurting.


More Rally Video

From C-SPAN: