Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grassroots Support

Reason Magazine

Scenes from the Ron Paul Revolution
The rise of an eclectic anti-statist movement
Brian Doherty | February 2008 Print Edition


At a press conference after the Ames talk, a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter asks the candidate about all the Paul signs he sees around Pittsburgh. “You guys must have a big operation there,” he says.

“If we do,” Paul says with a small smile, “we don’t know about it.”


Iowa and New Hampshire, which hold a caucus and a primary respectively in January, are the early-voting states where the campaign is concentrating most of its unexpected largess and where the unaffiliated revolutionaries are concentrating their energy. But more New Hampshire than Iowa. Iowans are perhaps too staid for the revolution.


Reason Magazine article author Gillespie speaking with Fox News about Ron Paul.