Monday, July 28, 2014

End Torture, And The Torturers

Torture has been shown to provide confessions, and confessions for anything as outlandish as can be imagined.  Persons being tortured will confess anything to have the torture stop.

Torture is not allowed by international rules of war.  Torture is not compatible with freedom.

The CIA and White House are currently redacting a multi-thousand-page torture report to cover up the wrong-doings.  Ron Paul is right when he writes we should end torture and end the (criminal) organization that commits torture.

End Torture, Shut Down the CIA!

... Still the US administration denied that torture was torture, preferring to call it “enhanced interrogation” and claiming that it had disrupted so many terrorist plots. Of course, we later found out that the CIA had not only lied about the torture of large numbers of people after 9/11, but it had vastly exaggerated any valuable information that came from such practices. ...