Monday, December 31, 2007

Ron Paul Is The Only Viable Peace Candidate

Ron Paul: a Means to an End
by Caleb Friz

Let me be clear: Ron Paul is the only viable peace candidate in the presidential race. He has the money, he has the organization on the ground in the early primary states, he has the buzz, the press coverage, and the momentum to win the Republican nomination. Most importantly, he has the platform to unite perceived enemies behind the same message of peace, liberty, and prosperity. . . But in order to do that, he's going to need some help from some unlikely places, namely us, the liberal/progressive end of the democratic party.

Why should we support him?

Because he has the message that we have been waiting for. Ron Paul has done more to convince conservatives that the war is an immoral failure than 5 years of 'raising consciousness' has been able to achieve. Ron Paul's stance on the war, on the military-industiral complex, and on American foreign-policy in general is a peace activist's wet dream. And yet he still has the Republican credentials to reach across the aisle and pick up a large contingent of support from hardcore conservaties.