Sunday, December 16, 2007

Founding Fathers Would Endorse Ron Paul

Empirical Proof That The Founding Fathers Would Endorse Ron Paul

Constitutional law as defined by Wikipedia, is the study of foundational or basic laws of nation states and other political organizations. Constitutions are the framework for government and may limit or define the authority and procedure of political bodies to execute new laws and regulations.

As we all know, the United States is governed by a Constitution as well but have we lost sight of this? Has our government set aside the rights of its individuals?

It is apparent from watching the Republican and Democratic debates that the Constitution has become a very important talking point but what has caused this?

Let's start answering some of the questions.

According to many, politicians are averting the rights of its citizens with laws like the Patriot Act, rendition, and the loss of habeas corpus. Not to mention the legality of the Iraq invasion. Ron Paul's success stems from the fact that he preaches a return to Constitutional principles. But when all of the other candidates start preaching the same thing it becomes muddled as to which politician is true to the Constitution and which politician says it merely for personal gain.

First, I would like to mention that it is because of Ron Paul that the candidates have begun to preach the importance of the Constitution.


War: The President should not hold the power to start wars. If a war is a just war then it should be so deemed by the Congress of the United States. Ron Paul is not oppossed to war, he is just oppossed to wars that can be started by one individual. It is the only way to protect ourselves from tyranny.

Economy: The powers not vested to the federal government shall be left to the states because we do not want the federal government to do too much. Once it does, it would then be forced to print more money and cause the inflationary tax Ron Paul speaks about.

State's Rights:
Ron Paul believes the states should have more rights for a reason. This is because the federal government is incapable of making a one-size fits all rule for the whole country. For example, mandating the use of seat belts on the national level could put a farmer out of business. Mandating the states to educate every child may overburden those states that have an illegal immigration problem.

The Constitution was drafted to protect ourselves from tyranny, bankruptcy, and laws that make no sense.
Unfortunately, Ron Paul is the only candidate speaking out. For this reason, Ron Paul would be endorsed by the Founding Fathers. America became the greatest country on Earth because of the Founding Fathers and a Ron Paul presidency can ensure it stay that way.