Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Ron Paul Moment

This week was the first GOP debate, and Ron Paul ranked highest in competition with Obama. Ron Paul also raised over $1 million to support a 2012 campaign, which dwarfs every other potential candidate.

Is This the Ron Paul Moment?
Representative Ron Paul established himself at the forefront of the Tea Party movement in the first Republican Presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina. The debate has more and more establishment figures wondering if this might be the perfect political storm for the Texas congressman and obstetrician.

NPR wrote:
Asked if they would authorize use of the torture technique, candidates Pawlenty, Cain and Santorum raised their hands to signal that they were cool with violating the 8th amendment to the Constitution.

Santorum chirped, "Sure!"

The crowd applauded the supporters of waterboarding.

But Johnson and Paul refused to shred the Constitution, with Paul arguing that so-called "enhanced interrogation" techniques. The Texas congressman said waterboarding hasn't accomplished anything — and won't. Santorum disagreed, claiming that torture helped "get" Osama bin Laden.

Paul was right. Santorum was wrong.