Monday, May 9, 2011

Finland Is Awake

Finland is not going along with the forced EU banker bailouts. The leader of the True Finn Party, which gained in recent elections, had an article published in WSJ that shows he understands the people have the power and the elected govern by the consent of the people.

When I had the honor of leading the True Finn Party to electoral victory in April, we made a solemn promise to oppose the so-called bailouts of euro-zone member states. These bailouts are patently bad for Europe, bad for Finland and bad for the countries that have been forced to accept them. Europe is suffering from the economic gangrene of insolvency—both public and private. And unless we amputate that which cannot be saved, we risk poisoning the whole body.


To understand the real nature and purpose of the bailouts, we first have to understand who really benefits from them. Let's follow the money.

... We'll begin with the obvious: It is not the little guy that benefits. He is being milked and lied to in order to keep the insolvent system running. He is paid less and taxed more to provide the money needed to keep this Ponzi scheme going.


In a true market economy, bad choices get penalized. Not here. When the inevitable failure of overindebted euro-zone countries came to light, a secret pact was made.

Instead of accepting losses on unsound investments—which would have led to the probable collapse and national bailout of some banks—it was decided to transfer the losses to taxpayers via loans, guarantees and opaque constructs ...

In a democracy, where we govern under the consent of the people, power is on loan.

Amazing to come from a modern politician: we govern under the consent of the people, power is on loan.

Read the entire article here.