Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scott Brown Is The New John McCain

The Daily Bell has an interesting article on Scott Brown:
After Sen. John McCain's surprising disavowal of the title, the heir may well be Brown, the middle-sitter who's never a sure thing for either party.

Free-Market Analysis: In this article we will briefly explore the collision between the Internet and the powers-that-be, and how it is changing the American political process – and thus the economic and investment climate. This is an ongoing process that has not yet reached a critical mass. But our argument is that it will reach such a critical mass sooner or later, and that Scott Brown's recent actions are symptomatic of the difficulty that the US system is having in responding to the nation's underlying discontent.

The election of Scott Brown was a dramatic shot across the bow to those who wish to sustain the American system as it is in the face of the Internet's increasingly insistent truth telling. But in fact Scott Brown has merely perpetuated business-as-usual by voting for various sorts of expensive omnibus legislation of the sort that increasingly has people up in arms. The disconnect between what people want from Washington – less government, less regulation, less war, less monetary debasement and few taxes is not forthcoming. We would submit this disconnect cannot last forever.