Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sudden Clout

Ron Paul's growing clout. The green shoots of Ron Paul's ideas are growing, while the old-guard Republicans pay consultants to develop a new brand.

Ron Paul’s Economic Theories Winning GOP Converts
Congressman's Clout Grows Within GOP Minority, Among Some Dems
By David Weigel

Few of them had a drawer stuffed with off-brand economic ideas and forgotten libertarian texts, ready to explain what needed to be done. Ron Paul did, and as a result the ideas that made the Republican establishment irate enough to bounce him from a few primary debates are more popular than ever.

“There’s a growing recognition that the GOP is intellectually bankrupt and morally bankrupt,” explained Bovard. “Most of these Republican ‘rebranding’ efforts amount to a group of overpaid consultants getting detached from reality, but I’m glad that Paul is putting together these meetings. I hope the battle of ideas is changing.