Monday, September 14, 2009

Tea Party Coverage

Two million man march in Washington
by Robert Rule


An estimated 2 to 3 million people gathered on the Washington mall on Saturday, 9/12 to protest many things. A growing majority of people are very angry and very concerned about both parties in this country. Its true Fox news jumped on the bandwagon after Obama was elected and about one third of those people were there because of the 912 project put together by Glenn Beck but that isn’t what sparked Saturday’s event.

In 2007 a Republican Congressman from Texas named Ron Paul hit the scene. Through the internet his campaign took off and was largely ignored by the media including Fox news and Glenn Beck. When Ron Paul raised the most money from troops over seas than any other candidate republican or democrat and raised the most money in a single day on the internet the media had no choice but to cover him, then they tried to discredit him. ...

His message of limited Government, lower taxes, and free markets is what drew people to his campaign. Americans who believed in the message of freedom watched as Ron Paul was excluded from the Fox news debate and watched as every news outlet tried to make fun of the man. Jay Leno came to the rescue that time and asked Dr. Paul to be on his show to talk about it. Ron Paul was said to be the only guest to actually meet and greet people, ever.


Many are saying what you saw in Washington on Saturday is a new revolution. Let’s hope they make the right decision at election time instead of voting for the same old party hacks.