Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Speech at Campaign For Liberty Rally

Barry Goldwater Jr. and Ron Paul at Campaign For Liberty rally.

Media coverage of rally:
RNC Snorefest Drives Journalists to Join Ron Paul Rally
Ron Paul's Minions, 10,000 Strong, Rallied in Minneapolis' Target Center on Tuesday

Ron Paul Returns
MINNEAPOLIS -- As Republicans celebrated their first full convention night Tuesday, the Ron Paul Revolution received another breath of life in Minneapolis where thousands turned out for their own convention featuring the fourteen-term Texas Congressman so many Libertarians love and so many Republicans wish would just go away.

Converging on the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, Paul supporters turned out in droves to see their hero take the stage the same night as President Bush took the digital stage to address Republican convention via satellite from Washington.

Ron Paul slams GOP for avoiding what he calls important issues
By ALAN BERNSTEIN Copyright 2998 Houston Chronicle
MINNEAPOLIS — A few hours before his Campaign for Liberty rally got under way here today, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, or St. Paul to many of the 9,000-plus people at the gathering, bashed his Republican Party for what he said was avoidance of important issues such as deficit spending and civil liberties.

""If we are Republicans and we believe in limited government and personal liberty we ought to be talking about these things, and I don't think they are really too interested," he said of the national convention downriver in the Twin Cities.