Friday, September 19, 2008

Economic And Market Manipulation

Ron Paul has been warning of the economic crises for several years. Ron Paul has also provided solutions for the problems.

Ron Paul on the Financial Crisis
Our problems start with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a monopoly and it controls interest rates artificially low, causing people to make mistakes. That’s the basic source. But then on top of that in the housing market we had the Community Reinvestment Act which told investors that they had to loan to risky borrowers, and that was the complication.

HUD contributes to this. FDIC contributes to this. It’s called moral hazard. Everything that we have done over here creates moral hazard.

Ron Paul, The Nostradamus Who Predicted the Current Financial Crisis
All of our candidates and Congress are pretending to scramble for answers and solutions. Yet, all one has to do is look back at the four-part plan which Ron Paul previously proposed; one which I believe most Middle Class Americans would fervently cry out for, if they were only simply told about it. The even better news is that it’s not rocket science. It’s a simple matter of instituting lower taxes, less spending, a sound monetary policy and regulatory reform.

Wondering What to Think About the Financial Meltdown? Here's What Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Others Are Saying
Written by Larry Greenley
Since I was wondering what to think about the serial financial crises of the past couple weeks, including federal government bailouts of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG, I did a little quick research and here's what I found.

The article has links to audio and video from the named people.