Thursday, November 13, 2014

Federal Governements NEED The War On Drugs

Free adults get to make choices.  If people to use drugs in the privacy of their own home, without hurting others (harming other's property or exposing children), they are exercising freedom.  I am free to make different choices.  If I impose my choices on others, those people aren't free - they are my subjects or my slaves.

Ron Paul spoke of the problems with drug laws and how the laws have inordinately been used to incarcerate minorities.

The recent marijuana decriminalization votes in several states have the federal enforcement agencies scared (about future funding).  The Federal spending beneficiaries of drug prohibition spending are spreading disinformation.

Ethan Nadelmann speaks on why the federal government, and foreign governments, need drug laws to maintain power and spending levels.  Watch Ethan Nadelmann's speech here: