Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Of The Few Sane Voices

Think about losing 98% of your wealth. Or having 98% of your wealth stolen by the banksters.  Now consider the following.

Ron Paul is called one of the few sane voices:
One of the few sane voices for many years regarding the dangers of excessive private and public debt has been Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Gold Could Go to ‘Infinity’ Says Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
Ron Paul gave another perceptive interview to CNBC yesterday and warned of hyperinflation and the possibility that the dollar could become worthless.
When asked how high the gold price would go and why, he responded:
“Well, the question is how much lower is the dollar going to go in purchasing power? And I said to infinity unless we change our ways. Because if you look at the gold/dollar in 1913 when the fed started, we've lost about 98% of its value.“