Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ron Paul stirs up Nevadans

GOP RENEGADE: Ron Paul stirs up Nevadans

Before he heard about Ron Paul, Wayne Terhune wasn't much into politics.

"I kind of voted for the lesser of two evils every time," said the 57-year-old Northern Nevadan, who has a dental practice in Sparks but lives a ways out of town -- at the end of a dirt road in a house that's off the electrical grid, powered by solar and wind.

That changed when he got wind of Paul's message.

The Texas congressman, who made a run at the Republican presidential nomination, advocated strict adherence to the Constitution, radically shrinking the size of government and expanding individual liberties.


Paul came in second in the caucuses, getting 14 percent of the vote. His 6,087 votes were almost 500 more than McCain got.

"Paul struck a chord with a lot of voters. In a lot of people's eyes, he's the only one out there speaking the truth."