Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meeting With Amish Farmers

Ron Paul's Meeting with Rogue Farmers
by Jake Morphonios


To my surprise, my long-bearded friend pulled out some photos that had been given to him earlier in the week. He and his family (which includes his wife and ten children), along with other concerned family farmers, had been to Washington DC and cooked lunch for Ron Paul with their "illegal" food products (a shining example of civil disobedience) and shared their concerns about the invasion of the federal government into their lives. The pictures were beautiful: Ron Paul standing with my friend and members of his family.

Seeing the extent to which the most honest, innocent and harmless members of our society were being driven to plead for government to leave them alone, I felt ashamed - ashamed of my government and ashamed of myself for not having done more to protect the erosion of American liberty.