Monday, February 4, 2008

Awakened Understanding

Paul Campaign Awakening Understanding
Many have long viewed history as a boring subject or one they believe to understand yet Ron Paul's positions are causing many to study history deeper than ever before.
by Gary Wood

Liberty and freedom are attractive yet many initially find Dr. Paul's comments hard to digest or understand. Not because they are stupid, only because they realize they don't have enough information about the history surrounding his positions. I'm not trying to say if you study history you will automatically begin to believe everything Ron Paul says is good. However, an awakened understanding leads to a better decision on whom to support and people are realizing they must make a good decision this election year. Without his campaign and his popularity the level of awakening we are witnessing would not be realized in mass.

Too many of the front-runners and media darlings feed us sound bites. More voters are realizing the political sound bites are the same as they hear year after year while the country falters. As more awaken to an understanding of history the people move closer to regaining control of government. No matter what else happens as a result of Congressman Ron Paul running for President this will go down as the biggest victory of his campaign.