Thursday, May 10, 2007

Marine Endorsement

Why I Support Congressman Ron Paul for President
by Mark Anderson (Mark served for four years on active duty in the Marine Corps infantry)

There are a plurality of reasons why I support Ron Paul and oppose the rest of the candidates. I couldn't possibly enumerate them all in this one commentary. However, I will begin by pointing out a few of the reasons why Ron Paul appeals to me.

Ron Paul is a true intellectual who didn't get into politics looking to score personal gain and fortune. Running for office wasn't a perfunctory thing for the Congressman. He has devoted his life to learning and understanding issues that escape the opportunists in Washington, D.C. Ron Paul is a very intelligent man, and he isn't some "fringe" candidate like the establishment tries to portray. He is a medical doctor who has delivered many babies throughout his life. I believe Ron Paul is the only electable Republican, since he doesn't come with the Iraq war baggage that the rest of the candidates have.

One issue that Congressman Ron Paul understands is inflation versus sound money. Ron Paul understands that there is a nexus between the present monetary situation and the expansion of government. Ron Paul also understands how government power comes at the expense of individual liberty.