Thursday, November 13, 2014

Federal Governements NEED The War On Drugs

Free adults get to make choices.  If people to use drugs in the privacy of their own home, without hurting others (harming other's property or exposing children), they are exercising freedom.  I am free to make different choices.  If I impose my choices on others, those people aren't free - they are my subjects or my slaves.

Ron Paul spoke of the problems with drug laws and how the laws have inordinately been used to incarcerate minorities.

The recent marijuana decriminalization votes in several states have the federal enforcement agencies scared (about future funding).  The Federal spending beneficiaries of drug prohibition spending are spreading disinformation.

Ethan Nadelmann speaks on why the federal government, and foreign governments, need drug laws to maintain power and spending levels.  Watch Ethan Nadelmann's speech here:

Monday, July 28, 2014

End Torture, And The Torturers

Torture has been shown to provide confessions, and confessions for anything as outlandish as can be imagined.  Persons being tortured will confess anything to have the torture stop.

Torture is not allowed by international rules of war.  Torture is not compatible with freedom.

The CIA and White House are currently redacting a multi-thousand-page torture report to cover up the wrong-doings.  Ron Paul is right when he writes we should end torture and end the (criminal) organization that commits torture.

End Torture, Shut Down the CIA!

... Still the US administration denied that torture was torture, preferring to call it “enhanced interrogation” and claiming that it had disrupted so many terrorist plots. Of course, we later found out that the CIA had not only lied about the torture of large numbers of people after 9/11, but it had vastly exaggerated any valuable information that came from such practices. ...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rand Paul Sues Obama Over NSA Spying

Rand Paul has followed through with his idea of suing the NSA and Obama for illegal spying.  He intends to have the suit certified as a class action, for all affected telephone users.

Working through the legislative process is one path.  Suing is another path.  Rand Paul is doing both.  Big-government Democrats and Republicans are speaking out in defense of the modern police state.

John McCain defends NSA

McCain continued to dismiss any concerns over privacy, saying it’s a “balancing act” and then targeted his fellows Senators.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Romney Confirms He Stole RNC Nomination

Under-handed dealings at the 2012 Republican National Convention excluded delegates (Maine), disenfranchised delegates on the floor (Boehner ignoring "point of order requests"), and state-level shenanigans were part of a coordinated plan by GOP bosses to exclude Ron Paul from being recognized and his votes counted.

Now Mitt Romney confirms he stole the 2012 RNC nomination,
In some ways we kind of had to steal the Republican nomination. Our party is Southern, evangelical, and populist. And you’re Northern, and you’re a Mormon, and you’re rich.  And these do not match well with our party.

Ron Paul's principled stands on governing within the Constitution was a handicap in attracting the big-government war-monger Republican insiders.  Ron Paul's delegates numbered in the hundreds, and would have been handily outvoted by the delegates aligned with big-government Mitt Romney.  There was no mathematical way for Ron Paul to take the nomination.  Therefore, preventing Ron Paul's delegate votes from being counted showed the pettiness of the GOP insiders.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Personal Check Into Business Account

The Federal Reserve, regulator of banks, has determined that in the future a check wrote to a person may not be deposited into a business account.  This is not about placing a hold on the funds - banks will not be allowed to deposit the check into a business account.

Ron Paul often spoke of the Fed in terms of money creation.  Another aspect of the Fed is regulation.  The regulatory squeeze will make it easier for the government to track who is being paid ... eventually for tighter taxation policies.